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Tips that will help you boost your essay writing skills

Memorize the format. Students who are the best essay writers know the format, which never changes. They understand that the introduction needs to begin with the hook and end with the thesis with a bridge between them to build understanding. They also know that the body paragraphs in the middle of the essay are meant to be the meat of the essay. They need to be sure to include powerful topics sentences with ample support and explanations. They also know that the conclusion is the last paragraph and mirrors the content of the introduction.

Experiment with introductory techniques

There are a handful of different ways to begin an essay and they all have their own place. Good writers know how to vary their introductions and use techniques in the appropriate style of essays. The techniques include beginning with a fitting quote, using a short narrative, or starting with a list of three open-ended questions. These are not the only techniques, but they are ones that give writers the opportunity to be creative.

Master the use of transitions

These little words will help your essay have fluency. Transitions create a smooth flow and they show the relationships between the ideas in your essay. With the Internet, it is easy to search for lists of transitions and the relationships that they show. Anytime that you are assigned an essay, get out your list of transitions and use them. You will begin to develop a sense of rhythm and make your essays significantly better.

Turn off the music.

Students often think they can write better when they are listening to music. This is a false belief. When it comes to brain research, studies show that the brain is too distracted to write with quality when it is busy listening to music. The music usually gets in the way and can influence the writing. If you must listen to music, do not listen to headphones or earbuds, listen to it through an external speaker.

Avoid using the thesaurus.

Too many students think that they need to use profound words when they are writing essays, so they overuse the thesaurus. In actuality, the best essays are written in readable language, because writers use words that they actually know. Usually, students who use works the find in the thesaurus use them inappropriately, which makes them sound a bit silly and uneducated. Use your own vocabulary instead of someone else’s.

Proofread and edit.

Unfortunately, students do not proofread or edit. They fail to do any proofreading and editing. They simply turn in their essays after the first draft. Students rarely ever write a perfect rough draft, but many students are not good at self-editing. In order to boost essay writing skills and have at least one proofread, students should run their essays through an online proofreading app. These apps will help students see their weaknesses so they can improve them. The apps are free and they can usually be adjusted to any type of essay for any educational level. But if you are still not confident in your writing skills, a good custom essay writing service can be a reasonable option for you.

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