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Foolproof Technique For Writing A Character Analysis Essay

An Effective Way To Compose A Character Analysis Essay

The character analysis requires the author to study a piece of literature in dept, then present an argument or discussion based on the traits demonstrated by a particular character in the tale. The purpose is often to explain the character in detail, but sometimes one can also be required to investigate to find out any underlying factors that can change the character’s first impression.

To begin writing this paper, you can take several routes, many of which should be easily accessible with a little effort, the following is a list of simple tricks that can help you compose a character analysis essay:

  1. Identify the main traits of the character
  2. These traits can be identified by reading the passage thoroughly, then applying your own personal knowledge of life and similar type situations to the actions and words of the character. By comparing these things, you could gain an idea of the traits possessed by the character and be able to list them based on your understanding.

  3. Formulate a hypothesis
  4. The point of your paper would most likely stem around formulating a statement or sentence that describes the character. To do this, you must formulate theories based on what you believe the character to be, then test them based on the information you have. Forming a hypothesis is an easy way of achieving this.

  5. Gather evidence to support your hypothesis
  6. When making any claim, it is important to be able to back it up with empirical evidence and this can only be done through research and investigation. Typically, in a character analysis, you will have to use the particular excerpt in which the character lies. Always be aware of where the story ends and your opinions begin during this process.

  7. Begin with your hypothesis and intentions
  8. In your first paragraph, you want to state your intentions as clearly as you can, also giving reason for you conducting this investigation. Your hypothesis should also be stated, along with an explanation of how you intend to prove you statement to be true.

  9. Present information
  10. After conducting your research it is important to devise an effective method of communicating your finding to the readers. This can be in the form of a story, or graphs and charts depending on your intentions.

  11. End with a conclusion stating your findings
  12. The final statement should give the reader a clear understanding of the results of your research and analysis, make it a concise statement.

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