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10 Questions To Answer In An Essay On Romeo And Juliet

A List Of The Most Interesting Essay Questions On Romeo And Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet, there are many questions interesting to discuss in a school essay. Every student can find something interesting to write about in a descriptive paper or analyze in an argumentative assignment. Usually, students have to come up with their topics, get them approved, compose outlines, and then submit the printed draft. The following guidelines and sample questions will help you get started.

Some Tips on How to Select a Great Topic Idea

First of all, you should read the play carefully and write down something that you like and dislike about it. Try to create this list as quickly as you can without overthinking the task. Then, select a point that you are interested in and formulate a question about it. It is recommended that you create several questions, answer them in brief, and select evidence from the text of the play. You will get two or three short outlines that you can use while writing your essay.

Great Questions for Your Essay on Romeo and Juliet to Consider

The aforementioned method of how to come up with an essay topic idea requires plenty of time. If you have a tight deadline, it makes sense to pick a question from the list of interesting prompts provided below:

  1. What is love according to the main characters of the play? (Provide examples of how love operates between Romeo and Juliet and Lord and Lady Capulet.)
  2. How does the moods change of Lord Capulet affect other characters? (Pay special attention to the reaction of Juliet.)
  3. How far is the Prince responsible for what happened in the end of the play? (Examine his role as the authority figure.)
  4. Can you blame Friar for the death of the main characters? (Discuss whether he proactively created the tragic events.)
  5. What does it mean to be “star-crossed lovers” according to Shakespeare? (Study the first Prologue carefully.)
  6. What dreams do the characters have? (Explore how different characters misinterpreted their dreams.)
  7. Do you believe that such a love story could take place so quickly? (Argue that the story like that would take more than only four days in the real world.)
  8. What has drawn Romeo and Juliet together? (Explore the role of destiny.)
  9. Why does Mercutio hate Tybalt? (Provide evidence from the play and highlight the character traits of both characters.)
  10. Why did Juliet fall in love with Romeo, not Paris? (Compare the similarities and differences between Romeo and Paris.)

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