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The Foolproof Strategy To Write A Good 4-Paragraph Essay

Comprehensive Instructions For Writing A 4-Paragraph Essay

There are people who can write for hours and not make any sense at all. Many times it is essential to be very concise and present information in a short text. A 4 paragraph essay is actually good discipline for a student. It requires this individual to present facts and arguments in a short space. In other words, the writer cannot meander all around and eventually come to a conclusion. You have four paragraph to present your case, explain it completely, and then wrap up with a conclusion. You should be following these guides.

  • The Introduction Has To Be Appealing. You have to be able to get the attention of the reader as quickly as possible. You cannot afford to bore them from the beginning. Your thesis statement will be in the first or second sentence of the introduction. The right message and the right words are going to be able to do that for you.
  • The Body Is Critical. It is the main part of the essay. There are going to be two paragraphs here and you will have to use the space wisely. If you have major points they should be limited to just one for each paragraph. You can then elaborate on the points, showing your evidence and making your arguments. Each paragraph, though, is devoted to that point. It helps keeps things in logical sequence.
  • Bring It All Together in the Conclusion. The final sentences of your essay is where everything is brought together. Here is where you give final answer to any question mentioned in the introduction, or resolve any tension which you may have introduced. This is not an invitation to be long-winded but to tie together any loose strings.

That last point is perhaps the most important part of four paragraph essay. As a writer you simply do not have sufficient time to be expansive. Precision and concise thoughts and the order of the day. This is going to be very helpful in a later career. Business memos and emails are not meant to be lengthy. You must be able to get your thoughts down in as few sentences as possible. It can be done and with very little trouble. This is not intended to be a PhD dissertation, nor novel. The paragraphs can all come together very nicely as long as you remember the structural points. Keeping those and you will discover what a fantastic composition you are able to present.

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