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Crafting A Short Essay On Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Creating a Good Short Essay on Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Writing a short essay is an art. In a very limited number of words, you should effectively convey your ideas and support your thesis. Teachers commonly assign specific but rather controversial topics for these types of writing assignments. For example, you may be asked to create a short paper on why money can’t buy happiness. Do you know how to approach this task? If you don’t, the following tips will help you accept the challenge and craft a great work on the topic.

  • Come up with relevant arguments.
  • Before you set about writing, make sure you know what information should be included in your work. Brainstorm on the topic. Note down all points proving your thesis that money can’t buy happiness. Look through the ideas you have and leave only relevant ones. Since it is a short paper you should write, focus only on the points that directly affect your topic area. Look for strong evidence reasoning your points.

  • Provide a counterargument.
  • Why money can’t buy happiness is quite a controversial topic. Therefore, this is your chance to make your essay stronger by mentioning an opposing viewpoint. By giving a strong counterargument, you show respect for the opinions of others and demonstrate your credibility in the topic.

  • Decide on the order of presenting your arguments.
  • In the first body paragraph, give a counterargument and provide the reasoning behind the opinion that money can buy happiness. In the following paragraphs, respond to the counterargument with well-reasoned arguments of your own. Start with the strongest points and leave the weakest arguments for last.

  • Create an outline.
  • An outline is the starting point of the writing process, and it is not an exception for short papers. Outline the order of your arguments and jot down what evidence you are going to use in your work.

  • Be concise.
  • In a short essay format, the introduction and conclusion shouldn’t be wordy. Get to the point as soon as possible. Avoid using unnecessary words and complex phrases. Write in a simple and clear language. Your sentences and paragraphs should be short and to-the-point.

  • Revise your paper carefully.
  • Ask your friend to read your short essay and listen to their comments. Are your arguments as to why money can’t buy happiness convincing enough? Take your friend’s criticism seriously and make corrections if necessary. Pay attention to how coherent your writing is. Your line of thought should be natural and paragraphs should logically flow from one another. If you are satisfied with the work you did, your teacher will be satisfied as well.

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