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How To Make Your Evaluation Essay On A Movie Stand Out

Basic Instructions For Crafting An Evaluation Essay On A Movie

There are a number of different aspects that goes into an evaluation essay on a movie than an evaluation essay on any other subject. Academically, you must still complete your critical analysis according to the requirements and guidelines given by your instructor. However, there are a few key elements you must address when writing on a movie that you wouldn’t address when writing on something else. Here are some basic instructions:

Discuss the film content:

Summarize the film a few sentences to provide some background helpful to somebody who has not seen the film. This should include a few details about the film’s plot and themes. Consider its place within a certain genre or sub-genre.

Detail the conflicts/challenges:

Provide a summary of the major conflicts and challenges in the film. This is the part from which you will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the movie. Consider how the events and plot unfolded. Do you agree with the logic and sequence in which they occurred?

Study the major characters:

Analyze whether or not the movie’s major characters established credibility through their actions or in combination with other elements of the film. Did you believe they were cast appropriately? This often helps make or break a film by bringing up questions of believability. How different would the film have been if other actors and actresses were cast to do specific roles instead of the ones that did appear?

Evaluate the director’s work:

Always include the director when you conduct your analysis and evaluation. How did he or she do in bringing the production together? Do you sense the director’s presence in how the story was told, the settings, or in the characters themselves? Do you think the production could have been improved (or made worse) if the movie had been directed by someone else in the genre?

Compare the movie to others:

Consider other films within the same genre or ones dealing with same topic. How does this film compare to those? Does it improve or further the ideas expressed in other films or does it fall short in delivering a fresh perspective. This can form the basis for a very strong critique so be sure you put these films into context.

Provide a complete critique:

The assignment does not ask you to simply state whether or not you thought the movie was good or bad; you need to give specific examples showing what you liked or disliked and explain why they influenced your opinion.

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