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6 Example Questions You Can Answer In A Response Essay

Ideas For Writing: Response Essay Question Examples

Writing an essay is a challenge that you will have to deal with in school whether you like it or not. This is something that so many students tend to worry about, in particular those who have no idea about a good paper and what makes it stand out. When you try this website you will come to learn a lot of things about what makes a good paper stand out, and apart from that, you will also be able to learn some ideas that can help you come up with a really good response essay.

The first thing that you need to realize is that for a response paper, you will be writing a paper in response to a statement or a given question that has been presented before you. This therefore means that you need to study the question carefully, think about it and get as much information about the same before you can proceed to present one of the most incredible papers you have ever done before.

The following are some ideas that will come in handy for you as you try to get through this. Read through them and see how they a restructured, and perhaps borrow a thing or two from the same concept to use later on:

  • Should street racing be considered a true sport?
  • Discuss the challenges that society poses to young mothers these days
  • Failing to read between the lines when dealing with banks is a self-inflicted mistake. Discuss
  • Identify some of the roles that the community expects of teenagers, but teenagers feel are unwarranted
  • The internet versus visiting the library. Write a paper on the benefits and challenges of using either, in response to the challenges students face when carrying out research for their papers
  • Human resource is more than just hiring and firing staff. Write a response paper to a newly established business, whose owner thinks he does not need a HR manager because he can do the hiring and firing on his own. Highlight to him the need for a HR manager and why his company direly needs this department if the business is to succeed.

From the points above, you will see that in some cases, a response paper might not come to you as a question, but it can also be presented as a statement, or a case study.

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