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How To Write An Evaluation Essay – The Best Strategy

How To Write An Evaluation Essay: 5 Tried And Tested Tricks

If you have been asked to write an evaluation essay, it means that you need to conduct prior research into the topic and write a paper that is based on your findings; it is a sort of detailed review. Of course, this can be quite tricky, here are some tips that you can use to make your evaluation essay stand out.

  1. Write down a clear statement: One of the keys to writing a successful evaluation essay is to make sure that it is logical and clear. What you absolutely want to avoid this kind of writing is to make sure that your paper doesn’t read like an opinion piece. This essay instead needs to be based on research, facts and the result of your findings. It is, therefore, important that you write down a statement first. This will be the central theme for your essay and will decide what tone you will take for the rest of your writing. For e.g.: “The restaurant ‘Boiler Room’ successfully achieves perfection in creating the right atmosphere, taste and quality of food as well as value for money”.
  2. Narrow down points for evaluation: You need also to evaluate your essay topic on several aspects instead of just one. As mentioned above in the example, the restaurant is being evaluated in the essay based on its atmosphere, food and pricing. Once you have your essay topic finalized, decide on the different aspects that you will be reviewing the subject on and mention it clearly in your statement.
  3. Give concrete examples: After you have introduced your essay subject, you need to start talking about your research and findings, but try and stay away from making it sound like an opinion and instead use facts and figures. You can use statistics, other people’s reviews and opinions as a collective opinion, make citations and references to sources. This will all add authenticity to your essay.
  4. Include comparisons: This is also a good trick to use if you want your essay to seem more interesting. Use other subjects within the same field as your topic to make comparisons in features so that the reader can see for themselves that your evaluation of the subject is accurate and is not only your opinion
  5. Include a conclusion: Just like the introduction, don’t forget to include a conclusion that will outline the outcome of your research and evaluation. This will help clarify for the reader any questions that they may have.

As you can see, evaluation essays can be tricky. While you conduct your research, you could also find assistance here for more tips and some actual writing help with your work.

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