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How Do You Write An Essay On Better Late Than Never?

Composing A Strong Essay On Better Late Than Never

Writing an essay for the first time is what most students dread but if you know how to take the several turns in writing this particular academic paper, you should have nothing to worry about. The topics on which essays are based are countless and can range from the more obvious to the least obvious. If your tutor has chosen the topic of better late than never, it should not make any difference to you, especially if you have written essays before.

However, this cannot be said about those students who are writing their own essays for the first time. This is especially because they are yet to understand the basics of writing such paper.

So, in order to help you towards composing a strong essay on better late than never, here are a few helpful tips that you should follow. They are:

  • Source For Ideas: There are several situations and stories which would lend credence to the quote, “better late than never”. These situations should not be just what you have experienced yourself, they can also be other people’s experiences and stories. You can source for ideas online and offline.
  • Build An Outline: This important step should not be overlooked. For you to maintain a particular writing tone and structure, it is necessary that you first create an outline. It will serve as a map as you journey from the beginning of your paper to the end of the paper without any derails.
  • Develop The Body Of Work: From the ideas generated and outline, it is time to write the initial draft of your academic paper. For now, there is no need to concern yourself with errors, just concentrate on getting most of the writing done based on the outline and the errors would be taken care of later.
  • Compose Your Introduction: From the content you have in the body of the work, you can then go ahead to compose your introduction, with the thesis statement coming in as the last sentence.
  • Compose Your Conclusion: There is nothing new to be done here other than simply rephrasing what you have initially written in the introduction. That is mostly what conclusions are all about. As much as possible, don’t initiate a new idea that is not included in the body of the paper.
  • Proofread And Polish: Now is when you take your time to go through the whole paper to determine if there are any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or structure errors that need to be corrected in your essay on better late than never. Make the necessary corrections and you are ready for submission.

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