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Helpful Hints For Selecting Business Opinion Essay Topics

A List Of The Most Interesting Business Opinion Essay Topics

Being a student of management or business administration, you are often told to write a business opinion essay. You may wonder what is an opinion essay and how can it relate to business. By the term opinion essay, you mean that kind of writing where you are told to share and state your argument or viewpoint over any topic. In an opinion related composition, you start with:

  • Introduce your topic, explain the statement and place your views on it
  • Write at least two paragraphs explaining your opinion regarding the viewpoint.
  • Each paragraph should have a separate headlines
  • In the final section, summarise your opinion.

Now, you may wonder why you should write such a piece on business topics. Business is a dynamic topic with something going out of practice, something becoming a vogue, some features remaining static. So, a discussion is mandatory regarding what should remain and what should not. A student of business studies requires putting his/her opinion to see whether this particular student has a true business potential or the ability to conduct business, flexible approach in the face of crisis and emergency. An opinionated article is essential for business as it helps showcase what the particular opinion the student possesses.

Business opinion thesis may be of different types.

  • General Business Paper Topics, which deals with the common business topics like wage discrimination, taxation, social media crisis, recession and inflation, cyber-crime related to credit and debit cards, etc.
  • International Business Topics, which deal with the influence of the big business conglomerates on the world business, especially the US, UK and the Canadian business structures and their impact on outsourcing of jobs, and how affects the world economy?
  • Argumentative Business Topics which mainly focuses on the question of “should this be the system or not”. For example should fast food restaurants that generate high revenue be shut down keeping mind the falling health of the diners?

To frame a composition on the list of business topics, a student must have a good grip on the subject as a whole and shall possess a good outlook. The student must consult books and journals, surf the net for recent development in the business and markets. If possible, he/she may hire a professional freelance writer who will help them in providing topics and do the consecutive research to frame a full-proof write-up on the same.

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