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How To Find Expository Essay Examples with Citations

Where to Get Proper Expository Essay Examples with Citations

One of the popular assignments given to students in today’s educational system is to have them write an expository piece. These pieces of writing must be formatted correctly and utilize all standard guidelines and requirements including citations. When you are looking for a sample that utilizes citations, consider these options to find what your student or yourself needs.

Internet searches

The first place to start on any issue is to search the internet for examples. Internet examples are a great option to show formatting and citations but be careful when using these sites as some of the information that they provide may be of inferior quality and cause more harm than good. Use the word expository and the type of writing you are doing in the search engine search bar window and then review the top search results for something you can use.

Formatting websites

When you are working on an assignment one of the first places to consider are the websites for the formatting sites themselves. For example, many instructors request the APA style so if you search for the formatting homepage they will often have examples that you can use for your writing. These are great resources that any student can use and more reliable than just basic searches.

Instructors and school resources

Many schools and universities will retain records of work that past students have completed in order to provide examples for other students. If you receive a writing assignment and would like to an example of what past students have done then consider reviewing these records to better understand the requirements. One advantage to using these resources are that you will have the added bonus that they were graded and reviewed by instructors making them a better choice than random internet searches.

Past students, friends and networking contacts

The last option to find examples of a piece that includes citations is to talk to past students, friends and other networking contacts who may have done a similar assignment in the past. If you are lucky, one of these resources may have saved their information and will be able to provide a sample of the formatting that you can review and use for your own assignment.

No matter which path or combination you choose you will soon have an example with citations that you can use for your work.

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