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Good Discursive Essay Topics To Trigger Your Imagination

Selecting Good Discursive Essay Topics for College

A discursive essay is an essay, which argues a side for a somewhat controversial topic. The argument has to based on facts, not emotions. There has to be a logical argument, which takes into account the other side. Predicting the arguments of the other side will help you to cover all of your bases when constructing your piece. When you are in junior high you might be arguing whether cell phones should be used at school or whether kids should wear school uniforms, but at the university level your topics should be more complex than those. Use our tips on selecting good discursive essay topics for college to help you with this essay.

Good Discursive Essay Topics for College

  • Marijuana legalization in all 50 states-look at the pros and cons and the states who have legalized and why they did so
  • The evil of grains and wheat-what does consumption of grains and wheat do to our bodies and did our ancestors really eat large amounts of wheat and grains
  • Ipad schools-are they working, who has them, is reading comprehension declining because of them, what are the pros and the cons
  • Civil War flags and statues-should they be taken down, are we re-writing history, and what is the problem from having them
  • Teacher powered schools-what is a teacher-powered school, how does it work, who has them, and how come they are generating amazing results
  • Police brutality-why is the United States experiencing an increase in such incident, how can we stop this, and what is next
  • Racism-why hasn’t it died yet would be a great topic for your college discursive composition
  • School Violence-why does it happen, how do we prevent it, and what is too much security in the schools
  • Community service and high schools-studies show that those who complete community service actually benefit in the long run. They are paid more, live longer, and tend to be happier people. Explain this odd, but nice correlation with community service and life
  • Athletes and obligations-we have seen many professional and collegiate athletes involved in bad situations. How should they be penalized, would there be limits, why do we try to treat them differently, and are they really role models
  • Free college tuition-this idea is being bounced around and would certainly be very important to students with large college debts at the time of their graduation

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