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Composing A Solid Personal Descriptive Essay Step By Step

Simple Tricks For Creating A Winning Personal Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are all about giving a good description of something that you know. It might be about something you see on a daily basis, something that you interact with from time to time, or any other subject. These are papers that draw a lot from your vision and your critical analysis of what you see.

There are times when the question might ask you to put on a strong description based on a physical concept. This means that you are supposed to write only about what you see. However, there are times when you will be asked to combine a sense of reflection and description when you are working on this. This is an advanced level of writing. In this case you will be required to think hard about what you see and then from there deduce your sentiments based on the physical stuff that you are looking at.

The following are some simple ideas that can help you map out the way forward, ideas that can help you think of what to do and ensure that in the long run you will be in a good position to deliver a very good paper.


Nothing is more important than the amount of research that you will put into the work you are doing. There is so much that you can come to learn about when you are researching about the subject. If you have been given more time to work on the task, it will be better because you have enough time to dig deeper and then from there you can put in your best effort to finish the paper in good time and to the quality that is desired.

Planning the paper

Of course once you have done your research into the task at hand the next thing that you need to do is to plan the rest of the paper. It is going to be so much easier for you to work on the paper when you do know for sure what you need to do.

Planning for the paper means that you need to map out what goes into the introduction, the body of the paper and the conclusion. You need to determine how many words go into which section and so forth. Once you are through with all that, you should also plant to spare some time to proofread your work before handing it in.

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