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Vital Advice On Choosing An Illustration Essay Topic

Selecting A Good Illustration Essay Topic: Useful Criteria

An illustration essay can be a challenging writing piece or many students. Understanding how to properly illustrate a topic, person, location, or set of instructions is a wonderful learning opportunity, one which results in an expanded academic repertoire.

If you are given the opportunity to pick whatever topic you want, there are some things that you can follow in order to make sure that the idea you have is good. When you set out to pick a good illustration essay topic there are a few key things to follow:

  • First, go back and review your assignment details. Look for key words that might limit or expand your options for topics such as “between 1800-1900” or “in the state of Washington” or “from chapter 7”. Look for these keywords first. The last thing you want is to start out with a topic and get midway through the project only to find out that you were asked to pick a topic related to your coursework from Chapter 6 and not from Chapter 8.
  • Take some time to reflect upon magazines or newspapers that you have read recently. Sometimes ideas can be gleaned from sources close to home and many times ideas are contained inside the items you recently read or watched on television.
  • Try and find something which either relates to your life now or will relate to your future aspirations. For example: if you have already traveled to another country or volunteered in a political campaign, you might be able to use that knowledge to help you pick a subject with which you are familiar and to write a great topic proposal. If you one day want to travel somewhere or want to volunteer in a political campaign, you can use the task at hand as an opportunity to gain insider information on a particular aspect of that country or that campaign, knowledge which you can apply to the future.
  • If possible, find an idea that you already know something about. The more you know about the subject from the start of the assignment, the easier it will be for you to complete and the faster the rudimentary research will be.
  • And if you are unsure at all, run your potential idea by your teacher for approval. They can help guide you in the right direction as far as research is concerned, or with regard to narrowing down a thesis statement.

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