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Academic Writing Tips: The Best Way To Start A Profile Essay

The Best Way to Start a Profile Essay: 5 Original Suggestions

A profile essay is a paper written to provide details of a person, place, event, or undertaking. Hence the first step in successful profile essay writing task is to understand what type it is. It might be based on the writer’s understanding of the involved subject, but many people also write based on interviews with the person or their experiences with subjects.

  1. Look for information on the subject from diverse sources: The first step to writing profile paper is by first finding out details of the person, place or event. Additional information can be gotten by interviewing the person involved, visiting the place or attending the event. Online research is another way writers can find information about places, events and people, to prepare a good profile. The best is to combine these sources so as to unravel any mysteries or hidden details about a person, place or event. Sourcing information from as many places as possible also gives the writer enough details to write about and avoid the writer’s block.
    • In case of interviews for a personal profile essay, prepare for the interview. For instance, write some questions for the interview and review them. Make sure to inform them early so that they could prepare well.
    • While interviewing, be creative as possible. Allow the person to explain details and to lead the interview. Be as brief as possible but let them tell more details about themselves.
    • Make sure to take notes when interviewing people. You could also record the interview.

    Again, if an interview with the person is not available, as could be with high profile personalities and celebrities, search for previous interviews he/she had with media. One could capitalize on most recent interviews.

  2. Read case examples: Reading other profile essays written by professionals can provide good grounding for the paper. They not only provide the best style in which to write the paper, but also offer an example on the tone of writing. Reading interviews can also be helpful.
  3. Look for vivid and scanty details about the events, persons and places: Vivid descriptions in personal profile essays help the readers create a mental image about the subject involved. This includes dominant characters about the person and how the place looks like. Make sure to give characters that deviate from the norm.
  4. Be as detailed as possible: More importantly, a good personal profile essay requires finer details of the description. Avoid generalizations. This will require taking of finer details about the place, person or events. Providing more details gives more material to keep writing the paper, as material may be scanty. This is a norm if the character/person is not common in the public eye and is not available for an interview.
  5. Be objective and subjective at the same time: The writer not only prepares material to inform the reader or state to them facts about the, but also to conveying a perspective to the audience.

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