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Composing An Effective Reflective Essay On Mental Health

A Piece Of Advice On How To Compose A Winning Reflective Essay On Mental Health

A reflective essay is one where you will need to think back on a time or period of time and then explain your opinions or reactions to the things that you have learned. You will describe a real or imaginary scene or event as it relates to mental health to try to explain to your reader how you felt or what it meant to you or would mean to you if you are speaking about an imaginary event.

You would choose to discuss a mental health issue through a personalized report on how it affected you. If you have not experienced it personally, you can also choose to do some research on the subject and write about how you would feel if someone you knew had a mental illness. Here is a piece of advice on how to compose a winning reflective essay on a mental health issue.

What did you notice?

You are going to write this paper on what you noticed about the person or event or illness that you witnessed or that you are going to discuss. It is the main question that you will need to think about when you are preparing this paper. The best way to make sure that you keep this as your focus is to make a list of everything that you noticed about that topic.

For example, maybe your grandmother has Parkinson’s disease. You will write your paper discussing everything that you remember about how she looks, acts, and any changes that have come about by the disease. You may talk about how her hand shakes and that one year when she was mixing the pot of spaghetti sauce with that hand, she burned herself because she didn’t realize that she was resting her hand on the pot as she stirred it.

You want to be able to paint a picture for your audience. It is a recollection of an event or memory that you will write about. You will need to set the scene and create a story like recollection of the sequence of events in relation to the mental health of the person that you are writing about.

It is a good idea to get all of your ideas down on paper first. Create an outline that organizes your ideas so that it is easier to write and so that your papers flows nicely.

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