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In Search Of A Well-Written Proposal Outline Example

Where To Look For A Proofread Proposal Outline Sample: Vital Tips

The outline can determine whether your paper is successful or not. Many instructors require one that must be approved before a student can move ahead with writing the piece. There are two basic styles of outlines: the sentence and the topic. The sentence style allows all parts to be written out in simple and concise sentences. The topic format only allows the thesis statement and quotes to be complete sentences. The remainder of the piece must be fragments of no more than five-six words. Find out what kind your teacher wishes for you to have. Once you know this, you can look around in a few places to see if you can find a sample one to model after yours. As you seek to find the model, follow these tips:

Vital Suggestions

  • Know who created it-it does matter who wrote it as you want a qualified person who knows what they are doing to be the author of a piece you are using for a model.
  • Make sure it is the kind you want-find out if you need a sentence style or a topic style, it does matter.
  • You may have to pay for a perfect one-you may have to pay to get a perfect one to see, this is one of those cases when you get what you pay for. You can find many accurate outline templates online if that is sufficient for your needs.
  • Look at writing company sites-writing companies are in the business of making money. You can be assured that are reputable writing company will have samples of correctly written outlines for you to purchase. An outline should not be very expensive.
  • Ask your instructor-sometimes students forget to ask the instructor for examples of work. Most teachers have a special folder that holds examples of the best work they have seen. You can go see your teacher after school to look at her model papers for reference.
  • Never copy the example and call it your own-whatever piece you select to mirror, do not copy it word for word. This is plagiarizing. Just use it as a sample guide.
  • Consider a writing tutor-a writing tutor can help you with all areas of writing. If you really struggle with writing, you may ant to see a tutor on a weekly basis for assistance.

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