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How To Write A Great Cause And Effect Essay: Tips & Tricks

Creating An Interesting Cause And Effect Essay: 12 Great Ideas

A helpful guide to creating good quality and interesting cause and effect essays

What is the purpose of a cause and effect essay?

  • Any essay serves to cater a primary purpose, the purpose of communicating ideas, opinions, information, arguments or questions with the readers of the work.
  • A cause and effect essay aims at communicating with its readers the mechanism in which the various factors at play in any given issue lead to the consequence of the particular outcome, or outcomes.
  • In simple words, cause and effect essays strive to show its readers the relationship between the situational factors, and the final outcomes as a result of the factors in play.

A list of a few interesting cause and effect essays…

  1. The role of the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden in the creation of economic boom in the Chinese mobile phone manufacturing industry: An investigation from the perspective of a macroeconomist.
  2. The relationship between the policies of the Roman Catholic Church prior to 1499 A.D. and the current state of research in the field of cosmology.
  3. The role of ancient Greek political philosophers in the determination of the current forms of government across the globe.
  4. The role of John Adam’s An Inquiry Into The Wealth of Nations and the research in Game Theory conducted by the mathematician John Nash.
  5. The current Middle Eastern condition as a result of poor economic and administrative policies of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramses X.
  6. The role played by the Second World War in the creation of the feminist movement: How World War II led to the employment of women as industrial workers across the globe.
  7. The technology bubble of the 2000s as a consequence of the policies of military action and military research during the Vietnam War.
  8. The byproducts of the research work conducted to make the Apollo missions successful as pillars for our modern technologies.
  9. How Google changed the world: A brief investigation of the manner in which Google changed the operational connectivity of the global businesses and the transmission of information.
  10. A study of the work of John Von Neumann as a catalyzing factor for he work conduced by Alan during the Second World War.
  11. A study of colors: How particular colors affect shopper’s buying experience.
  12. A brief study of the relation between the research work conducted in quantum physics as a catalyzing factor in paradigm shifts in the field of philosophy.

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