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Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics For 6th Grade Students

A List Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For 6th Grade Students

Argumentative essays are important as it helps in evaluating the intellectual and argumentative faculties of a student. It is one of the trickiest kinds of essays to work on and yet offers a lot of scope to make it more interesting and gripping for the readers. Students in schools and colleges are frequently asked to write on argumentative essays in order to develop their reasoning and argumentative skills which they can use later on in life.

The writer is required to support a definite point of view or take a stand on a given topic and prove the point by providing credible evidence, whether from personal experience or by citing historical or other evidences. The goal of the writer of an argumentative essay is to convince the readers on the stand taken by the writer himself or herself. It would only be called a well composed argumentative writing only if the arguments provided is valid and are supported by credible facts, has been written following a proper structure and is written in using flawless grammar.

Great 6th grade topics for students

One can find a large number of topics to write an argumentative essay on. And it is in fact one of the most common types of writing we find around us. Topics for 6th grade students should concern issues that are faced by students of the same age group. But the topics chosen must have many materials to that can be used to support the argument. A topic for an argumentative writing should be such that would make the readers argue and debate on it. Following is a list of topics that can be chosen for writing high quality argumentative essays for 6th grade.

  • Students should be given more time to finish their homework assignments.
  • Should unhealthy junk food be allowed to advertise for children?
  • Winter vacations should be longer.
  • Internet is more a distraction for children.
  • Too much competition amongst children is detrimental to their self-confidence.
  • Should notebook computers replace the traditional school textbooks?
  • Should there be free Wi Fi connection in all cities?
  • Should parents be blamed for the mistakes committed by their kid?
  • Should bus rides be made free for the elderly people?
  • Should people downloading movies and music illegally be punished?
  • Should every school teach lessons on the World religion?

You are highly encouraged to come up with your own topics as well.

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