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Writing A Strong Illustration Essay About Bad Habits

Creating An Illustration Essay On Bad Habits: 10 Good Title Examples

In an illustration essay you will use simple examples, facts, analogies, to explain and illustrate a particular idea. It is something very easy that does not require a lot of research and it can be finished in one day. Finding a suitable topic about bad habits it’s easy, since we live in a society where each one of us had something that he is not proud of. On the other hand, you can also discuss important issues and problems that are a real sign of alarm in your community. Your classmates will get a lot of benefit from this and you will get high marks. Here are some titles to consider:

  1. Is smoking a physical or mental addiction? Present scientific and psychological facts, as well as verified methods on how to quit smoking. Your classmates will thank you.
  2. Breaking hair as an anxiety sign in teenagers. For sure you saw how some people break their hair or chew it. It is not only disturbing, but it is a clear sign of anxiety and depression. These people need support and special help to overcome their problems.
  3. Stress eating. It is common especially among teenage girls, and it is accentuated by the beauty patterns promoted by the media. They struggle so much to be slim, that they end up eating more when they are upset or stresses.
  4. Throwing trash on the street. You will be surprised how many people don’t have the patience to take their empty bottle to the trash, and they comfortably throw it on the ground.
  5. Texting while driving. As innocent as this might seem, this bad habit caused many accidents and in most of the countries it is punished by law.
  6. Driving without a seatbelt. A simple object can save your life if an accident happens, and many people died even if they had good chances of surviving, only because they did not use the seatbelt.
  7. Dinner etiquette. It might seem silly for some, but hearing somebody chew can be disturbing when you want to have a peaceful dinner.
  8. Underage drinking. Unfortunately, many teenagers have access to alcohol even if it is illegal. Many sellers are irresponsible and they do not pay attention to the age of the customer.
  9. Procrastinating. How many times you did not have to do something important, but you decided to take a nap instead?
  10. Listening to music on high volume. It is an innocent habit for many teenagers, but this can damage the hearing and cause big problems on long terms.

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