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How To Compose A Volunteer Definition Essay: 5 Hints

Writing A Volunteer Definition Essay: Helpful Advice

What Is A Definition Essay?

A definition essay is a piece of writing that is strictly academic yet surprisingly personal. Here you need to write the definition of a word in a lengthy and descriptive manner. The word should be such that it has a vast reach. Instead of concrete words, a definition essay will mull over abstract and versatile words.

Why Volunteer Is A Good Word For a Definition Essay?

A volunteer is an individual who is working for a cause on behalf of others and with free will, but will not be paid for that. For some, volunteers are those who teach at schools for street children or arrange environmental campaigns. For others, a volunteer could be the person who helps a blind woman to cross the road. It’s a challenging topic.

Five Helpful Tips for Writing a Definition Essay on Volunteer:

  1. Research about Word
  2. First you need to study the word from the core dictionary angle. It will always pay off if you keep an Oxford dictionary by your side. It is also necessary to understand what propelled its existence in the language of English. The background context of this word’s origin can also come handy.

  3. Use Examples
  4. Providing vivid examples and illustrations in support of your topic will go a long way. If you are writing about ‘volunteer’ then you may also add some anecdotes about volunteering works that you have witnessed and that left a deep mark in your mind. It could be anything- from someone organizing blood-donation camp in your area to go in search for a missing kid.

  5. Show the Other Side of the Coin
  6. In a definition article format, another winning formula also would be to describe what the term doesn’t stand for. Like when it comes to ‘volunteer’, most of the people think that those who volunteer are selfless souls and all. Though there is no doubt about the nobility of volunteers, this act also gives the volunteering individuals a chance to grow up as a human being and sharpen societal skills. Also volunteering experiences look good on one’s CV too.

  7. Take Care of the Structure
  8. Like all the other articles, the definition articles also follow the same structure more-or-less and i.e. introduction, thesis statement, main body and conclusion. But in the main body, you need to use different paragraphs to elaborate on different parts of the definition.

  9. Mind Your Language
  10. Your language should be lucid, flowing and error-free. Your style of writing should be able to bring out the beauty of the word ‘volunteer’ from different angles.

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