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A List Of Great Suggestions On How To Edit An Essay

Basic hints on how to edit your academic essays

Writing an academic essay correctly is one of the basic skills every person should have to succeed in high school, university or college, and even in mastering one’s future profession. As you can never know what personal preferences every teacher has, basic hints how to write an essay will help you make profound academic choices.

The first and main rule is to decide what exactly your academic essay is about, to identify your topic in other words. The theme should also be comfortable to write about and you should be familiar with the topic in question in order to come up with at least a five paragraph essay.

Secondly, creating a thesis will definitely facilitate writing your essay, because thesis is the affirmation that your entire essay will make. The thesis should outline the whole plan of your work. The basic formula of how to make up a proper thesis will help, if you have some problems. Your topic combined with personal opinion and three discussion points make a perfect academic thesis statement. For example, Drugs in high school are the cause of degradation, youth criminality and teen death. The topic of the essay is drugs in high school; personal opinion is that drugs lead to degradation, criminality among youth and cause teen deaths. The three discussion points are degradation, youth criminality and teen death.

The next step on the way to a perfect academic essay is to brain storm some useful ideas to support your thesis statement. Be sure that your statement is informative enough to support the whole essay. If there are some troubles with the meat in your paper throughout brain storming to help you with supporting the essay, try to come up with a new thesis.

There are some helpful brainstorming praxis’s.

  • First one is the technique of clustering, which means writing your thesis statement on a blank sheet of paper.
  • The next step is to draw a circle around it. Every time during the brainstorm you come up with an idea simply draw a line exactly from the circle with the statement and write it down in a smaller circle.
  • Another technique is stream of thoughts or freewriting. This one is very simple and useful at the same time. Write your thesis statement on the top of the blank sheet of paper and write down every single idea, even a crazy one, which comes to your mind. Don’t hesitate, just write them down.

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