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Advice For 8th Grade Students Writing Comparative Essays

Creating A Strong Comparative Essay For 8th Grade Students

A comparative essay is very popular among teachers and it is a good beginning essay to be written by 8th grade students. Another name for this essay is the compare and contrast which does exactly what the title says. There are some definite steps you can take to create a strong comparative essay for this age group.

  • The first step in any essay is to find an appropriate topic. When you are writing this type of essay you need to choose two different subjects that have definite similarities.
  • Write you introduction – You first sentence should grab the attention of the reader. Then you need to give some background on each of the subjects you are comparing then the last sentence of your introduction should be the thesis statement.
  • The body – This is where you explain the three points that are similar and one that is contrasting so you can substantiate your thesis. Make sure you use transitional phrases between each of the paragraphs to tie them together.
  • The conclusion – This is the last paragraph your readers will read so it is what they will remember. You should rewrite your thesis again and then restate your three restate your high points that make them similar and one that contrasts. The last thing you should do is tell why the topic is important and leave the readers with something to remember.

These are the main components of a comparative essay now all you have to do is take the steps to write the paper. It is important that you do adequate research so that you get enough information to find the points necessary to complete your assignment. Once you have completed all of your research and put your information on note cards or have them organized in some way, it is necessary to create an outline. This is an excellent habit to get into before writing any type of article. Use you thesis sentence as the first Roman numeral then the next few will be the supporting points you want to use to corroborate your thesis. Under each of the supporting points indicate any details that you don’t want to forget so you have those statements supported as well. The last Roman numeral will be the conclusion which you can rewrite your thesis and then include your brief accounts of the supporting points and finally what you want your reader to remember.

If you use the above format and do the research and draw up an outline, you will be able to just make complete statements out of your outline, fill in transitional words and you will have yourself a great comparative essay.

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