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How To Compose An Argumentative Paper On Greek Mythology

Creating An Interesting Argumentative Essay On Greek Mythology

The Greeks are responsible for many of the concepts that we treasure in modern society. They brought logic into the mainstream of conscious thought and they were the first to put forward the version of philosophy which we currently use. Oddly enough, the pantheon of gods and goddesses which they worshiped often behaved in illogical ways. This makes them a great source of potential essays of an argumentative nature. If this is something you would like to attempt, consider the following tips to make the process a bit simpler:

Read as many types of mythology as possible

Greece was not by a long shot the only country to have developed a mythology. The Celts, the Mayans, various tribes in Africa and the Aborigines of Australia have all at different times created systems of explaining why the things that happened around them were happening. You can chose to argue about the influences these cultures may have had on each other or even that the deities they refer to may be the same extra terrestrial being.

Take notes on Greek deities

In order to do the type of comparison described above, you need a sound understanding of the myths and legends from Greece. Study them well and make good notes. You can only compare Thor or Osiris with Hercules if you have read up adequately on all of them.

Decide on a good topic

Once you have all of your notes put together, you can begin to brainstorm topics. You do not have to attempt this on your own if you don’t want to. Having others to work with may even make the process simpler.

Construct a good outline

Essays that are outlined are much less likely to go off topic in odd places. Plan the steps you will be taking in advance so all you need to do is follow along.

Get a second opinion on your progress

This is helpful especially if you chose to brainstorm alone. Someone else may notice the inconsistencies in your writing that you are unaware of. They may even have a better way of saying something that you barely even mentioned in your writing but could become a central point.

Polish everything up

With the second opinion and your own review skills, you should be able to put together the rest of the essay. Edit, proofread and submit.

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