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Writing A Good Persuasive Essay On Smoking: Tips & Tricks

How To Make Your Persuasive Essay On Smoking Stand Out

Smoking kills, there is no other phrase as obviously baleful as this. The whole world is aware of this statement. Everyone has seen the killer, experienced it from close quarters and got killed on many occasions yet there are very few people who are genuinely bothered and feel threatened by it. Smoker or a non-smoker, one can always analyze the ill-effects of smoking. Every year about 400,000 people loose their lives to smoking and tobacco. The key to a persuasive essay on smoking is having the urge to save people’s lives. You need to keep certain points in mind about making your essay stand out:

  • Use tables and charts – there could be worthy statements in your essay but people rather than getting inspired need to get scared. These tables and charts would give real numbers of graphic details which would lead your readers to give a nod in agreement. For example, since 45 people die every hour owing to smoking you could design a daily chart similar to a calendar.

  • Use case studies – in order to procure case studies you have to be patient and vigilant. You could either look amongst your own folks or check in few hospitals, the latter is difficult as you have to own a permission letter checked and signed by your school or university.

  • Use scientific experiments – it had always remained a fact that no matter how much we read theory we are allured the most by experiments. There are several simple experiments done using cigarettes and tobacco which reveal their grotesque effects on humans. Either in your annexes or the actual body of your essay, you could exhibit few scientific experiments.

  • Make a disease tabulation – smoking even second hand smoking kills, there are innumerable number of diseases which are triggered by smoking. To make your essay unique, you could design a disease chart and using logic to link them to smoking. A disease tree so to speak, will give the readers a perspicacious vision of the evil effects of smoking.

  • Use poignant interviews – conduct interviews of children from smoker families. In this manner you are not only trying to make your essay a persuasive one but also trying to appeal to those parents who by ignoring signs of discomfort in their children keep on smoking.

If you harbour a will to save lives by making people aware of the murderer among them, you can make it happen through your writing, so keep on persuading people for the right cause.

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