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How To Create A Comparative Essay On Pride And Prejudice

Writing An Interesting Comparative Essay On Pride And Prejudice

Jane Austin wrote the masterpiece Pride and Prejudice more than 200 years ago. It is a mainstay of any British literature course on college campuses, and has been made into movies and television dramas for years. It is fertile ground for a comparative essay with all of its many characters. You can write a very interesting composition on this great novel by just following a few guides.

  • Understand the Mechanics of the Comparative Essay. This is not an expository or narrative thesis. You are going to be looking at two separate entities, and point out what is different or what is similar about them. You may choose a central theme such as honesty and show how the various characters either lived up to it or failed to do so. Make sure that you go over the requirements of a comparative essay before you start this work.

  • Pick Your Characters. What causes Pride and Prejudice to be such an interesting novel is the number of characters found between the book covers. What makes things a little bit easier for you is that there are some very pronounced differences and some rather subtle similarities. You will probably find the research more than interesting as you dive into the plot.

  • Take Time to Develop Your Comparisons. Is there anything that Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley have in common? What sets Elizabeth off from the rest of her sisters? In fact, do the Bennet sisters have anything in common besides their last name? These are but some of the comparisons and contrasts you can explore with Pride and Prejudice.

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Go Deep. You do not want to write comparative essay that is shallow and contains no substance. The objective of this type of homework is to develop a skill you will need as you go through your academic studies. Looking at the nuances of your comparisons and explaining them is going to make the essay that much more interesting. It also helps you score a better grade.

The English literature written in the 19th century gave detailed pictures of the society; some features were good and some were terrible. As you write this composition on Pride and Prejudice you are looking back into time. The story is quite interesting, but there are social messages hidden within the sentences and paragraphs. This assignment gives you the opportunity to go looking for how English society functioned just prior to major events of the Industrial Revolution. It can provide a very important learning experience for you.

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