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Basic Rules For Creating A Conclusion For A Persuasive Essay

Crafting A Great Conclusion For A Persuasive Essay

In a persuasive essay, the author should research a particular topic and raise arguments to persuade the readers in his or her opinion related to this topic. Such papers usually have a particular structure that consists of an introduction that includes a thesis statement, body that includes arguments and counterarguments, and a conclusion that sums up the whole work. A good conclusion is a very important part of any persuasive paper. Continue reading to learn some tips on how to craft a decent conclusion.

  1. Know what to include.
  2. You should include a brief summation about the arguments and evidence that you’ve presented in your body section without giving too many details. Restate your thesis statement and make it indicate the significance of the work that was done by you. Your conclusion should consist of a single paragraph that shouldn’t be shorter than five sentences.

  3. Give new meaning.
  4. In the conclusion of your essay, there is no need to present new arguments or evidence. However, you may try to give your ideas new meaning and demonstrate how these ideas and your research interact together. One way to do this is to ask questions in your conclusion. For example, if you’ve supported the idea of nationalized health care in your paper, you may ask a following question: Can’t you see that health care is an important issue? Shouldn’t we do something to prevent the further escalating costs?

  5. Speak directly to your reader.
  6. Persuasive essays are written by students on various subjects, so the interaction with readers in the conclusion should also be different. For example, if your paper is about implementing tougher gun laws, you should propose your readers to join support groups and sign petitions related to this matter. If you’re writing on a scientific topic, it’s necessary to give your readers some ideas about the further investigation of your topic and materials that might be useful for them to do this.

  7. Look at the future.
  8. You may also end your persuasive essay by showing your readers the potential positive consequences that might appear if your methods are implemented. Imagine that you’re arguing that schools should pay more attention to bullies and their behavior. In the conclusion of such a paper, you may write about a school of the future in which everybody treats others with respect and appreciates their differences. In this way, you’ll make your readers agree with your arguments by showing them how good it would be to have schools without bullies.

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