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Where To Look For A Trusted Sample Of A Narrative Essay

Where To Find An Example Of A Narrative Essay: 3 Places To Check

This type of essay makes a story out of an incident in your life. It can be used in therapy as it often helps a person understand themselves better.

While this is autobiographical, it should be written as a story so will need all the elements of fiction such as a Story Arc. It must have rising tension, beginning, a middle and a definite end. Keeping this in mind, the best choice of event in your life is one that shows some moral development or resolves a particularly tricky problem.

What else to consider.

  • If you have an assigned prompt, make sure your story arc fits with that. Try not to go off at a tangent. No matter how good your writing is, if you don’t answer the question you will fail.
  • Limit the time frame of your event such as “My holidays” or “One Christmas.” Without that boundary, the difficulty is in excluding all the extraneous detail that might make your story boring.
  • Outline. Yes, you know how the story happened, after all you lived it. You do not need to outline this. Think again. An outline can help you place your thoughts in order. Imagine this: you have just reached the end and written your concluding paragraph when you realize that you have missed out a whole section that shows the character development that got to the conclusion. If you had outlined the essay then rewriting, your work would not now be necessary.
  • All stories – even your own – need an antagonist to strive against and impede the way to success. Without the antagonist, you will be retelling the event rather than making a story.
  • Details are good. Filling the background, describe all the characters, this makes for a satisfying read.

Where can you look for inspiration?

Confused by the instructions so far? So read someone else’s paper and see how they managed the assignment.

  1. Does your school have a writing lab? They often keep the best samples from past students. This is a good place to look.
  2. School Library. A library often has examples that you would not be able to find online. Ask your librarian if they keep samples of good papers.
  3. Writing Companies. If all your other sources fail you, go online and check out the websites of writing companies. They often showcase the different types of the work they produce on their home page.

Good luck with your search.

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