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Writing A Strong Essay Introduction: List Of Suggestions

5 Suggestions on how to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

A good introductory paragraph, is the opening statement to the written work. It is also what the reader will first see, and makes the work wanted. If the introduction is not good, and strong, and it does not grab the attention of the reader; then the rest of the work will not either, because most will not read past it. So it has to convey all the characteristics that will make someone want to read it. Here are five suggestions, on how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay.

  1. Grab their Attention
  2. Make the Thesis Statement the Second Line
  3. Write Coherently
  4. Use a Reference
  5. Work off an Outline

Grab their Attention

Be creative, and design an opening that will grab the reader’s attention. Most experts agree, that the first line should be a “Catch Line”, to do this. Use a quote, or a bold statement, or any other method to grab the reader, and make them want to know what you do. Or at least see what you are talking about. Don’t do something that will make you look less intelligent, that will only turn them away.

Make the Thesis Statement the Second Line

In the thesis statement, the problem is stated. Most essay experts will say that using a catch line first, then the problem statement, is a better way to write an introduction. This is because the catch line will make them want to know. Then it is easier to get the reader to read the problem that is being addressed. But even then, it has to be said in a lucid way, and be well stated.

Write Coherently

When the introduction is being written, write so it can be read easily, and understood readily. The first line is the only place to play with words, everywhere else, do not. Unless it is a fun essay, and those can be challenging as well.

Use a reference

It is always a good idea to use a reference in the introduction. It shows the reader, that the writer is taking this seriously. Sometimes using a reference following a bold statement will make a strong impression.

Work from an Outline

No introduction should be left out of the writer’s outline. It should be the first part of it. Outline the introduction, just as any other part of the essay.

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