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How to Write Good Freedom of Speech Essays: Helpful Tips & Topic Ideas

Among elementary, middle and high school teachers, freedom of speech essays are a perennial favorite. Teachers will often assign these essays in English, history or social studies classes. In addition, some scholarship programs require students to write about the value of the freedom of speech. For students who are stuck on what to write, some of the following tips and ideas can help foster a few ideas.

Create a Unique Idea

Almost everyone knows what the freedom of speech is. It is up to the student to create an entirely unique approach to the topic. They could write about Supreme Court cases involving the freedom of speech or the history of it. Likewise, the student may want to detail a case study where providing a group or individual with this freedom had a negative impact on others. Whatever the student chooses to write about, it should be an entirely unique idea.

Design an Outline

Once students know what they want to write about, they should brainstorm ideas related to their main topic. These ideas can later be grouped and categorized into an outline. Basically, the outline will elucidate the different paragraphs in the essay. For the essay to be logical, students must make sure that the outline is in a logical order. They can rearrange different paragraphs that are illogical, or create new paragraphs to deal with subsections of the information.

Relate it to Personal Experience

Whenever possible, students can try to relate a freedom of speech essay to their own experience. Stories from family members or individuals in the community can make interesting case studies in an essay. To make the essay interesting to the reader, students should explain why freedom of speech matters to them.

Edit and Proofread Carefully

A reader will never be able to understand the ideas presented in an essay if the grammar is sloppy and there are typos. Smart students will take extra time to carefully reread everything that they have written. They should check the text to ensure that there are no typos, grammar problems or spelling mistakes present. If it is possible to get extra help, students can have a friend, parent or teacher read through their essay. An extra pair of eyes can make it easier to spot mistakes in the paper. The friend may also be able to offer advice about the logic of the argument or different ways to improve the general narrative of the essay.

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