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Excellent narrative essay topics

10 narrative essay topics easy to write about

First stop

Remind yourself what narrative essay requires.

  • It is a story that takes a particular point of view.
  • It should include emotional and sensory details that the reader can identify with.
  • There is always a plot or focus to the story.
  • The writer should introduce characters and the setting.
  • There is always a climax to the essay.
  • It is usually written in the first or third person.
  • The progression of the story is usually in the form of a timeline.
  • It is usual to produce a narrative essay that is about yourself, your opinion, your ideas or your response to a situation.

That said, now comes the difficult bit – choosing a topic!

Second Stop

There are several sources of ideas for topics for a narrative essay, but lets look at a list of ten easy topics you may consider.

  1. My Favorite Meal. (How did it become your favorite meal? Does it bring back a memory of someone? What is the story behind it?)
  2. The place I would like to live. (Is this a place that you have already visited?) Why is this place so special compared to other places? Describe so that your reader can understand why you would like to live there)
  3. I’d like to invent this. (Describe how it would be useful? What is your story behind the need to invent this? When did you feel the need to invent this?)
  4. If I were President. (How do you think it would feel to be President? What do you feel you have to offer if you were President? Which President has been the most influential on your ideas?)
  5. Under my bed. (What is under your bed that differs to anyone else bed? Why is it there? What is the story behind it?)
  6. My Hero. (What have they done that you admire? Have you met your hero? Relate the story)
  7. 5 Things I cannot live without. (For each item you need a who, what and why)
  8. If I could make school rules. (don’t go for any of the usual rules – think outside the box. What situation has prompted you to consider changing the rules?)
  9. My lucky charm. (What is the story behind why this became your lucky charm? Has it replaced another charm? What would happen if you passed it on to someone else?)
  10. My Secret Talent. (Why is your talent a secret talent? When did you find out? Who else knows?

Remember that you need to take an interesting slant on the topic. Don’t be predicable. Use all the directives in Step One.

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