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Great expository essay topics

A Manual For Composing Good Expository Essay Topics

Expository essays have a more concentrated focus, and based on that, can be considered drier than a regular persuasive essay. Although you should adhere to the same template and organization used in a regular essay (intro, body, research to support your thesis, conclusion), expository essays present more empirical than anecdotal evidence.

It is important to keep a clinical approach while writing an expository essay, but it doesn’t have to feel cold. Keep in mind, you need to inform and explain to the reader evidence that is based in FACT. If you are worried about the essay having a robotic tone, you can express opinions but it needs to be based in fact. Expository essays have several moving parts. Be careful to place them in the right order, like so:

  • Create a general idea
  • Do the research to find the info to back it up
  • Flesh out your idea
  • Based on your idea, establish a position.

Topics for expository essays are usually the least of your concerns. In fact, the sheer amount of research and information available is what can become overwhelming. This is where your organizational skills as well as your patience will be tested. These qualities go hand-in-hand specific to writing an essay like this, because it is important to organize the large amount of information you have while at the same time having the patience to release your information in a steady and timely manner.

Let’s discuss some topics. There is no shortage of topics or resources available to create a topic. Expository essays run the gamut from being informative and instructional to academic or opinion based (if it can be supported by facts).

  1. Cell Phones
    • The history of the cell phone
    • How have cell phones changed the world? For better or for worse?
  2. Technology
    • A broad topic with so many options
    • How has technology shaped the world?
    • How is the world different from as recently as ten years ago?
    • Are the advances technology is responsible for outweighing the drawbacks that come with it?
  3. World Health
    • Is enough being done to combat the recent resurgence of Ebola and other threats to our health worldwide?
    • Are we prepared in the event of a pandemic or biological attack?
  4. Terrorism
    • What are the roots of terrorism and can it be stopped?
    • Terrorism has become a reality worldwide. How will it shape our future?
  5. Healthcare
    • How can small businesses afford reliable healthcare?
    • Will governments be able to effectively care for an aging population?

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