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Of course you may be able to find all sorts of assistance in writing an essay in your school or college. But teachers and tutors are busy people and individual tuition is rare if ever available. And let’s face it almost every student is keen to learn how to improve their essay writing technique. But there is extra good news in that there are numerous examples using samples and templates online. All of this material, with supporting information, is designed to help you improve your essay writing skills. And much of it is free.

It has been said by many that one of the best ways to learn is through rote learning. This simply means that you copy what somebody else has written. But you don’t copy it for the purpose of stealing it, for the purpose of presenting this work as your own. That is plagiarism and is not allowed. No, you copy the work with the intention of learning from it. That’s why samples and templates are so very beneficial.

Choose wisely when online

What happens is that you will find many websites which offer services claiming to be ideal in helping you create essays according to a certain structure or formula. It might be for example the universal SAT Essay Template. If your school or college requires you to write essays using those templates, then here is a wonderful opportunity for you to rehearse, to write using their template.

The best online websites showing you how to write an essay using samples and templates will include additional information. Yes the samples and templates themselves are helpful but it’s the extra information, the explanatory notes which make all the difference.

Look for these explanatory notes. Note how they evaluate the essays using various rules. They comment on the sample according to the essential ingredients that you would find in every essay. They make comments on the comments made by the person who graded or marked the essay. And they even provide a check list whereby you can go through and note the various points that should be present.

So by all means go online and find websites which provide essays with samples and templates of the best way to go about it. But the choice of samples and templates should be made according to the additional information, the explanatory notes which are provided.

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