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Argument topics for a political paper

Political Essay Argument Topics: Discussing the Current Problems

Political Arguments for Debate

If you are currently enrolled in a course dealing with the political science area of governing local and national branches of government, then it is highly likely that you will become involved in many spirited debates. The field of politics is one filled with many aspects of power, of which the lives of the individuals residing within that social structure become affected. Whether it is the economical, judicial, or social structure, the game of politics is one of murky, if not, contaminated sewage that will do anything to stay in place. Focusing in onto topics such as the national debt, the devaluation of the dollar, the rise in food and energy prices, the decreased quality in foreign manufactured goods, and overall customer services, are just a snapshot of the ways in which political pull has swayed the way of the pendulum in one’s day to day life. To further illustrate this, all one needs to do is to assess their surroundings, including the habitual routine of reading through various news media sources and analyzing the data, reading through the availability of bills and executive orders passed by each presidential administration currently in position, watching C-Span related news conferences and hearings to hear the information “straight from the horse’s mouth,” so to say, and even learning about how corporations are used as political lobbies for passing the unconstitutional.

Current Problems Up for Grabs

Although it may be true that the world will always have its problems, it is also true that there are viable solutions to these problems. The trouble areas facing the world today is a large mixed bag of issues ranging anywhere on the scale of old to new. The concoction of such is at times up for debate, but then again, isn’t everything? Even if the people knew who to blame, and had the overflowing amount of evidence to prove it, there seems to be a blockade as to going about admitting the problem in the first place. If this seems too philosophical, then the point of the matter is to never cease to survey one’s surroundings. For in doing so, one becomes out of tune with the issues on a local and national scale and that leads to an obscure sense of reality.

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