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Creating An Argumentative Essay – Choosing Your Topic

You don’t need to be an expert or have any experience at all to understand that choice of topic is vitally important in writing any sort of essay, not least of all an argumentative essay. Get the choice of topic right and your task becomes so much easier. When you are working without restraint, when your attitude is good and you feel happy about tackling the task, what you produce is far more likely to be far more successful. The opposite applies.

If you choose a poor topic, you make a rod for your own back. The research is too wieldy or too shallow. The topic has no interest for you or is something you dislike. Life becomes tough. The actual creation of your essay is a hard slog and chances are the result you get for all your hard work will be poor. So to solve that problem or rather, to avoid that problem occurring in the first place, choose wisely.

What is unique about an argumentative essay?

It’s essential that you understand the structure and nature of an argumentative essay. You are there to express an opinion. You are there to be argumentative. We do not want someone who sits on the fence, who doesn’t have opinions or gives bland comments which are hard to pin down.

So the first thing is you must choose a topic which lends itself to argument. Find a list of topics which divide public opinion. Find topics which cause people to get upset about the issues involved in the topic. Then from that list choose one which really appeals to you. Now you’re looking at creating a really successful creative argument.

If in mounting your case for one side of the argument you are able to list the points supported by opponents of your argument, so much the better. You will score highly with your teacher or professor if you can list the arguments against your argument and at the same time discredit them. This shows you are clearly a well-read person. This reinforces the case for your side of the argument.

And through all of this must come a strong opinion. The person marking your essay wants to know exactly where you stand. There should not be a shadow of a doubt as to which side of the argument you are supporting. It’s easy to support one side of the argument when you believe passionately in a cause. That’s how to choose the ideal topic.

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