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A List of Easy Topics for Academic Essays

Academic essays can be quite fun and great tools for learning how to write better essays when you select a topic you are interested in and can express your genuine opinion about. Here is a list of some easy topics for academic essays you can use in class:

Do movie stars and musicians have to be good role models because of a social responsibility or is the idea archaic? And what can be said about other kinds of role models? Are they no longer considered worthy or relevant?

Make a list and argue for three subjects you believe should be mandatory in order to prepare high school students for the future.Math? Science? Sports? Can we make arguments about which subjects are more important in terms of academic and professional success?

Make a list of computers’ advantages and disadvantages in education, in work, and in people’s personal lives. How have computers made things better or worse in each of these sections of life and what can we expect in the future?

Do professional athletes have to be good role models because of social responsibility or is the idea archaic? In light of so many athletes being convicted for domestic violence, drug use, assault and battery, gun possession should we just accept that they are not the role models we expect them to be?

What can governments and societies do to move towards and possibly achieve world peace? Is world peace truly possible or does the fact that there are always a number of nations in conflict at with another at some point or another an indicator that world peace is impossible?

What does independence really mean and why do people get into so many wars to win it? What has independence meant for the people who claim to have achieved it and was the cost worth it?

If you were to report on the three most significant stories from the news in this year, what would they be? This year, like so many before, has its fair share of captivating stories of pain, loss, love, and triumph. But which have been the most important?

Cars have been one of the most progressive inventions in the last century and more, but have they ruined the natural course of human interaction and behavior? There’s no denying that cars have revolutionized so many things – from quick response in health crises to the way people travel to the way people live in and around cities – but would we bet better off if we didn’t have this modern convenience?

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