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Looking For Good Argumentative Essay Topics For College

One of the most popular types of essays that is required in college is the argumentative essay. The main reason why it is so popular is because it works to teach the student how to present their ideas to support a cause using evidence instead of an opinion. It also makes them aware of the opposing view because it asks the student to include that as well. The main point is to take a side on an issue and prove that you are on the right side.

You have to write this essay on a controversial issue. This is one that has two sides. You can’t write a paper and argue if the sky is blue. It has to be on an issue that has some opposition and some support. For example, diets either work or don’t work. Here are some good argumentative essay topics to get you thinking.

  1. Do diets work?
  2. Should every citizen be required to vote?
  3. Should cigarette smoking be banned while driving?
  4. Should we have a universal health program?
  5. Should there be stricter rules for drivers caught driving under the influence?
  6. Will there be social security benefits available for me when I get old enough to receive them?
  7. Should colleges concentrate more on teaching students how to get a job or deal with the complex social structure of the workforce?
  8. Should high school athletes be allowed to accept gifts from colleges?
  9. Should unhealthy foods be more expensive to combat obesity?
  10. Should the minimum wage be increased so that families can survive on one income?
  11. Is it smart to market to children?
  12. Should more be done about global warming?
  13. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  14. At what age should a child be allowed to watch themselves?
  15. Should homework be a requirement at school?

You would want to choose a topic where you feel very strongly about one side to get the best results. If you don’t really care either way, it may be harder to come up with supporting facts so try and choose a topic that you can back up. Emotion works well for this type of paper even though it is based solely on facts. Because you will already have some ideas how to support your cause.

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