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Use of Social Networking Sites – Connection or Isolation?

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have taken a very important place in life of modern society, especially youth. Nobody can go a day, or even a few hours without checking the account for new updates or receiving a notification about a new message. The question is whether this kind of engagement has brought positive or negative changes in our lives. Social media have grown from a means of communication to the object of obsession in just a few years.

On the rise of social networking it was considered an ideal method of communication for long distances. All of your friends from distant parts of your country or even from abroad are just one click away from you. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on short phone conversations. Also, you can quickly talk even to the people who are living next door to you without bothering to go to them personally or your classmates you have to quickly discuss a project for tomorrow with.

With the development of technologies the purposes of the social networks only grew. They are now used for promotion of events and venues, finding friends with the same interests as yours and even finding employees or employers. Programs and grants are tracked on Facebook, concerts and shows find their visitors online, first-hand information about different organizations is published as soon as it appears – all of this helps you to stay connected to the world around you.

However, a lot of online users do not pay attention to all of the good features mentioned above. Easiness of communication with the others allows some people leave their houses very rarely and have less and less eye-to-eye communications. This can create situations, when with some time people no longer remember how to actually talk to people outside the social network. You also no longer need to ask your friends how they are doing – check their Twitter account and see for yourself.

Using social networks has a lot of positive as well as negative influence on life of modern society. It makes lives of people easier, at the same time risks to leave them without any social skills later. The main secret of correct using of a social network is to limit their role in your life, use only positive features of it and not to forget about real meetings with your friends.

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