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Using Essay Examples Wisely in Order to Improve Your Knowledge in Crafting Ones

Most English educators and writing specialists are fans of modeling. Modeling is when you use a sample of good writing to help improve your writing skills. You are literally modeling your craft after the sample.

Studies have shown that each time you model a sample, your writing improves some. You are learning to add tried and true techniques to your own writing style. Those who have tried modeling have noticed considerable and speedy improvements in their writing skills and craft.

Samples Can Do So Much

Essay samples first must be carefully selected. You should not model after the child next to you who is barely passing. There are a number of ways to find acceptable samples of writing. Try to:

  • Buy a book of samples at the book store
  • Ask your teacher for samples
  • Get samples from your class textbook
  • Order samples from a writing company
  • Hire a tutor for help
  • Search online for acceptable samples

The Correct Kind

Make sure that you are modeling the right style of essay. If your sample is for a narrative essay and your assignment is for a formal cited research paper, then you might have problems.

Before you begin to model, get the instructions from the teacher that explain exactly what type of essay is due. Then obtain the correct model style.

The First Time

The first time you model after a writing sample, you may have a rough time. Practice modeling samples every chance you can get. Do not wait until you get a specific assignment. The goal is to improve your craft, not just finish a specific assignment. Practice, practice, and then practice some more. Look at different writers as your style may better suit one writer than another. You may have to try a few samples to figure out which work best for you.

The Price is Right

If you can find free samples, then you can model for no cost. In this strapped economy, mimicking writing samples is an affordable and highly effective method to improve your craft.

You can do this at home without using gas to travel anywhere or paying a tutor or company to help you. Just remember to be very selective when you pick the samples you will use. Try modeling of samples today to improve your writing skills and writing craft.

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