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Poetry analysis essay topics.

10 interesting topics for a poetry analysis essay

When you are tasked with writing a poetry analysis essay you will have to discuss the details about how the language used in the poem contributes to the overall meaning of the poem. You will be graded more than likely on how well you can identify poetic devices such as meter and imagery as well as metaphor. You may also be graded on how well you were able to interpret the poem. You should organize your paper based on the thesis you are presenting rather than commenting on the poem one line at a time.

  1. Write about the meter used in the poem
  2. Write about the metaphors in the poem
  3. Write about the imagery in the poem
  4. Write about how effective the poem is
  5. Write about what the author’s personal life contributed to the poem
  6. Write about how the characters develop in the poem
  7. Write about how many interpretations there are
  8. Write about the historical context of the poem
  9. Write about the influence the poem has had in modern day
  10. Write about how the poem would be read today if written in modern language

Before you can start writing though you have to read over the poem. Try and read it out loud multiple times until you are familiar with it. Reading it over multiple times will help you familiarize yourself with the emotions and theme in the poem. It will help you to identify how the author used grammar or form to evoke feelings.

Write about how the poetic devices in the poem are used to emphasize the meaning of your poem as well as the details in it. If there are any phrases or words you don’t understand look them up. Use a dictionary to interpret the words and understand every possible meaning of the poet.

Figure out the situation for the poem and who the speaker of the poem is. Figure out where the poem takes place. Figure out what is happening in the poem. This will help you to better understand the dramatic elements and the imagery in the poem. Study the poem and the poetic devices used in the poem such as pattern or rhythm or meter. Interpret any sensory objects or images in the poem.

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